Yannis Zand

Filmmaker / Art Director

YANNIS (Yaser) ZAND is a universal artist born in Tehran, Iran in 1980. He is a talented Filmmaker who possesses the inborn attitude of film and art right from his teenage; With the love and passion he had for filmmaking in his early age, he joined the Association of Young Filmmakers of Tehran in the year 2000 as part of fulfilling his career and began as a film editor in 2001, and he made his first short film and first TV commercial in 2002.

As a professional and well-experienced Filmmaker, Yannis acquired broad knowledge in TV & film industry with the help of additional skills in Animation and Graphic design.

Based on his outstanding abilities, Yannis was able to edit successfully some TV series and cinema movies which include ‘Jade Haye Sabze Shomali and ‘Dardesare Valedein, ‘Kamp,’ ‘Yek Rooz Yek, Mard Yek Zendegi’ and so many more.
Yannis obtained Bachelor in Computer IT from the Islamic Azad University of Tehran. His love for the computer made him participated in computer Olympic in Tehran at the age of 16 and won the first prize, and at age 17, he got the first place in National Computer Olympic Award in Iran.

Due to his dynamic skills, Yannis made TV commercials & TV shows for so many small medium and big corporations worldwide in UAE, Iran, China, Turkey, Malaysia, and Canada. He also produces a TV show for Showtime Arabia “SALAM MTV” City 7, GEM TV, TV Persia and so many more.

As the founder of MAKAN FARAZ & LORENZO CG Production Yannis is exceptional and talented in developing a product from scratch to high end and profitable products. He has helped some brands to advertise and make their product known globally.
His hobbies are painting, playing squash and he also making short films and doing photography.

Yannis has also worked in a diverse array of industry verticals such as animation advertising and television production, brand development and creative design.

My aim is to make content that will stick in the mind of our target audience. Content that will connect on an emotional level and be memorable, long after the first viewing.

Yannis Zand